ESP8266 Pogo Pin Programming Jig

So, at some point in time, I was going to program a bunch of ESP8266 modules for resale with some custom code. Going through that experience has taught me to do more analysis before jumping in with payment in hand. 🙂

Wing Pogo Pin ESP8266 Programming Jig

Wing Pogo Pin ESP8266 Programming Jig

One of the things I did to try to make the process more tolerable was a programming jig for ESP8266 modules. I happened to have purchased a whole bunch of D1 Mini style modules where the ESP8266 modules sat on a small programming carrier board. It occurred to me that I could reuse the carrier board as a programming rig, and just program the ESP8266 modules themselves… if I had some kind of pogo pin jig.


  • Circuit and PCB designed in Autodesk Eagle
  • Circuit board manufactured by OshPark
  • Pogo Pins bought off of Ebay/Aliexpress

Parts & Resources

Project At

Project At GitHub

The project at GitHub contains the Eagle schematic and board files. From those, you can generate the necessary gerber and other files required by your PCB manufacturer of choice or your at home cam of choice.

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