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An Interesting Last Few Years In Tech and Makerspace


So the last few years has seen some interesting changes in the world tech world. 3D printers have become fairly commonplace, microcontrollers and programming tool chains have become incredibly accessible for everyone, regardless of their choice of operating system. Prices have come down for much of the technological raw components and services.

Put simply, we are in a maker’s market… people have been enabled to tinker and create things, bespoke things that have programmable behaviours. Not because you buy XYZ’s company’s control module and components only compatible with that platform(though there are new ones of those as well), but you can build your own control module or completely rewrite the underlying firmware for the control modules.

It’s an interesting time and I’ve gotten to tinker and make quite a bit in the last few years.

Getting My Blog On With WordPress


It occurred to me that I had not been blogging much about what I’ve been doing and while on my other blog site, which is focused solely on photography, I’ve taken a static website approach, I figured I would make use of WordPress for this tech related website. In the past, I would have gone with Drupal. But I wanted to _write_ about tech and not have to engineer much or deep dive into configuration and setup of post types/etc. The power of Drupal is the massive level of configurability that the core interface allows you. The achilles heel of Drupal is that very same thing because it brings about a huge learning curve and setup penalty. -_-; I love Drupal, but I just want to write about fun projects… not turn the writing itself into a project. 🙂

Hopefully, I’ll be able to produce some clips to put up on my Youtube channel as well as post updates both here and on my Twitter/Facebook feeds.

Maybe a tad late, but looking forward to making some progress in 2017. 🙂 Woot!

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