AVR ATmega328P Project Board – Part 3 – PCB Parts Fine Tuning Placement

Okay, quick followup post looking at the fine tuning the placement of parts on the 50x50mm PCB board.

We continue where we left off last, in part 2.

Time Table of Contents

00:00 – Intro

00:09 – Start adjusting placement of ICSP, Reset Switch, and LED

00:58 – Adjust ADC/I2C Header Placement

02:48 – Adjust GPIO Header Placement

03:29 – Adjust XTAL and capacitors

03:55 – Adjust decoupling capacitors

04:57 – Tweaking and adjusting of ICSP, Reset Button, and LED

05:45 – Fine tune placement of headers with Information tool

06:11 – Move ICSP and reset button away from edge of the board

06:55 – Adding copyright marking on the board

07:53 – More fine tuning placements with Information tool.

08:35 – Credits Roll

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