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One night, I was wondering how many LED(s) I could stick onto a PCB and how closely JLCPCB could place the LED(s). So I made panels that were 3 columns of 16 x White LEDs.


Bill of Materials

  • -: - Hubei KENTO Elec Light Emitting Diodes (LED) White 173~207mcd@20mA Top View 0603 RoHS
  • 0603WAF1500T5E: 0603WAF1500T5E Uniroyal Elec Chip Resistor - Surface Mount 150Ohms ±1% 1/10W 0603 RoHS
  • Errata

    So after the boards arrived, I realized that there were some issues.

    • I had intended for each column to be independent. However, I had made 2 GND and 2 VCC rows linked.
    • I had not considered keeping the distribution of LED elements consistent and the final row was reversed vs the first two rows.
    • There was no mounting location for the LED panel.

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