Back in December 2020, I had tried to make a tree ornament with a built in USB-A slot-in design. However, I had the board made in 1.6mm thickness, which is too thin. The USB standard notes that the PCB component needs to be around 2.0mm.

So this is another attempt at the PCB interface. However, because the service provider I go through doesn’t support PCB assembly on 2.0mm boards at the time that I ordered it, the boards only have through holes for the contact breakouts.

In this design, I opted to have two different designs and just connect them with a biscuit in the middle, so once the board arrives from the service, I would be able to just snap them apart. Makes better use of the 50x50mm space. However, JLCPCB noted that because the two designs are different, I would need to pay an additional fee, which was fair, they ARE different.

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