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Problems With International Supply Due To Covid-19

Wow. Been a while since I’ve worked on and ordered a project. The supply chain of parts has been either causing delays. For large scale operations, this is manifesting as a “chip shortage” problem impacting production and delivery of things like cars. For folks like myself, who are just designing and working on small projects or hobby projects, the impact is that assembly service processed boards end up incomplete when delivered. Or, you complete a project relaying on a series of parts… but then it turns out that the parts are no longer available, so you can no longer submit the project… at least until they are in stock again.

Covid-19 Corona Virus (
Cornona Virus

Stuff I’m Working On While The Supply Chain Recovers

Thankfully, I have other projects I can work on while things are unstable. One such project that I’m working on is some creative writing. Interested? It’s on a new site I’m working on called “Chuuni Makes” (

The project will involve the writing of articles and production of content with the idea of a “Chuuni” persona in mind.

Vaccine Shots

Got through my second vaccine shot(Pfizer) without too much in the way of side effects. Basically what most people are experiencing:

  • Exhaustion
  • Inflammation, mainly muscles and joints
  • Mild discomfort/headache

The main gotcha is that I managed to irritate my knee so it continues to bug me. Ice packs and heat packs for the win.

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