Zebra 4C Ink Refill Cartridge ("D1")

Pen Ink Refill Cartridges for Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe 3

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When My Livescribe Symphony Ran Out Of Ink!

So if you search for “Livescribe ink cartridge” or you look at their page, they will refer to their specific ink refills that are Swiss made. The price isn’t bad at $9.95 for 8. However, I’ve found Livescribe’s “supply chain” to be spotty lately. Ie, I can’t find what I want/need when I want/need it.

Speaking of which, my Livescribe Symphony’s ink ran out. Which made Bullet Journaling a bit harder. -_-;

10pcs Zebra 4C-0.7 0.7mm Refill (Box Set) – Black Ink

The Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe 3 all use the same kind of ink refill cartridges. Generically referred to as a D1 type. In searching around about this, I found this REALLY nice writeup about different D1 type ink refills. Interestingly enough, I had previously replaced the prior pen cartridge and replaced it with a Zebra 4C 0.7mm Black Ink Cartridge.

Where I Went Find Ink Cartridges

So when I can, I try to patronize local businesses. The local Staples was the first place that came to mind. I visited the store and found they only had one D1 type cartridge available: Zebra 4C 1.0mm Black

Zebra StylusPen Telescopic Ballpoint 4C Refill, Medium Point, 1.0mm, Black Ink, 2-Count

While there is nothing wrong with the 1.0mm ballpoints, I wanted to stick with the 0.7mm or even go with the 0.5mm ballpoints, for better clarity in my journals and sketches. So I checked around and found some 0.7mm refills at a different Staples a few miles away. -_-;

10pcs Zebra 4C-0.7 0.7mm Refill (Box Set) – Black Ink

Other Pen Refills To Try

So thanks to the very helpful review site, I also bought some Uni Jet Stream Prime Pen Cartridges – 0.7mm, Black, SXR-200-07. I’ve used Uni branded pens in the past and I found them to be quite nice to write with. The reviews on the site listed above also gave these writing tips great reviews. So ordered some online, since I could not find any locally. ( Due to the pandemic, many pen-specific stores have temporarily closed… or permanently closed. So general office supply stores nearby only. )

Uni Jet Stream Prime High Grade multi ballpoint pen – Refill – 0.7mm – Black – SXR-200-07

In the end, I installed the replacement Zebra 4C 0.7mm black and was back to BuJu’ing again!

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Why am I using a physical pen in the age of styluses and tablets? Check out Smart Pens & Smart Paper, where I go into this a bit. Also, having trouble swapping out the pen’s ink refill? Check out Replacing The Ink Cartridge In Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe3 Pens!

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