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Replacing The Ink Cartridge In Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe3 Pens

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So Your Livescribe Smart Pen Ran Out of Ink!

So, you’ve run out of ink and you bought yourself a set of replacement D1 ink cartridges. If you have not, then read my other post, Pen Ink Refill Cartridges for Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe 3, for notes about what kind and where to get replacement ink cartridges for your Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, or Livescribe3 smart pen.

Speaking of which, my Livescribe Symphony’s ink ran out. Which made Bullet Journaling a bit harder. -_-;

Video Howto: Replace Ink Cartridge For Livescribe Smart Pen

The Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe 3 all use the same kind of ink refill cartridges. Generically referred to as a D1 type. In searching around about this, I found this REALLY nice writeup about different D1 type ink refills. Interestingly enough, I had previously replaced the prior pen cartridge and replaced it with a Zebra 4C 0.7mm Black Ink Cartridge.

What To Do With Your Refilled Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, or Livescribe3 Smart Pen?

Hey, now that your Livescribe smart pen is happily full of ink again, why not take read Smart Pens & Smart Paper where I talk a bit about smart paper and journalling?

Or if you’re interested in trying out different inks, you can read Smart Pens & Smart Paper.

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