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Tinkerer, engineer, husband, and father. I love to figure out how things work and how to make things work in interesting ways. Learning through doing and sharing what I know.

Considering Switching To Liquid Resin 3D Printing

Recently, I’ve been pre-occupied with a few other things in life and my “home office” has been less “office” and more “storage corner” for all of my halted projects. After some thought, I realized that I no longer wanted to do 3d printing with a filament based printer, but that I wanted to go for a liquid resin light cured printer. The reasoning is as follows, or the cons of PLA/ABS filament printing: Hot ends and heated beds = potential for fire hazard. Let’s face it, while the design of printers have more or less stabilized, the safety aspects remain more or less the way they have been since around the start. I generally don’t feel safe leaving the printer to operate on it’s own, unattended, and feel…
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Some Tech Things For The August 21st 2017 Solar Eclipse

So I went with my family up to Oregon for the total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017. We stayed in Lincoln City, OR and had a long drive up and down… but that’s really interesting from a tech/maker perspective. What is potentially interesting is what little things I did and brought along for the experience. Shot of Totality Eclipse Video of the totality event Solar Filters… Oops and Mad Dash to Fix! We needed solar filters for our eyes and for our cameras. We had originally bought some cool looking welder’s goggles and a visor for the event thinking that it would be sufficient. We found out a few days before we headed out that apparently, shade #4 and shade #5 were nowhere near enough for protection!…
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Getting Things Online

An Interesting Last Few Years In Tech and Makerspace   So the last few years has seen some interesting changes in the world tech world. 3D printers have become fairly commonplace, microcontrollers and programming tool chains have become incredibly accessible for everyone, regardless of their choice of operating system. Prices have come down for much of the technological raw components and services. Put simply, we are in a maker’s market… people have been enabled to tinker and create things, bespoke things that have programmable behaviours. Not because you buy XYZ’s company’s control module and components only compatible with that platform(though there are new ones of those as well), but you can build your own control module or completely rewrite the underlying firmware for the control modules. It’s an…
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Board & Bolt Tripod Platform

Wing Designed Board Pod For Camera

Everyone gets inspiration from something and I had recently seen the Platypod Kickstarter project. I was kinda inspired by their design and was about to back it when I wondered if I would actually use it… So, firing up Adobe Illustrator, downloading a Ponoko template, referencing some typical hex nut dimensions, I got to work designing a quick bolt platform like the one they had to see how much I would use something like it. Also… I just wanted to make something. 🙂 I think I made something that was pretty cool, but it’s been months and I have not used it for photography nearly as much as I thought I would. So I’m glad I didn’t go down the Platypod route. Not that it’s not a great…
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ESP8266 Pogo Pin Programming Jig

Wing Pogo Pin ESP8266 Programming Jig

So, at some point in time, I was going to program a bunch of ESP8266 modules for resale with some custom code. Going through that experience has taught me to do more analysis before jumping in with payment in hand. 🙂 One of the things I did to try to make the process more tolerable was a programming jig for ESP8266 modules. I happened to have purchased a whole bunch of D1 Mini style modules where the ESP8266 modules sat on a small programming carrier board. It occurred to me that I could reuse the carrier board as a programming rig, and just program the ESP8266 modules themselves… if I had some kind of pogo pin jig. Notes: Circuit and PCB designed in Autodesk Eagle Circuit board manufactured…
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