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BGA in Container
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Running Xilinx ISE 14.7 Inside Of Docker

Summary Running ISE inside of a virtual machine ensures a great deal of compatibility. However, there is…

Closeup of Livescribe Symphony Smart Pen
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Replacing The Ink Cartridge In Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe3 Pens

So Your Livescribe Smart Pen Ran Out of Ink! So, you’ve run out of ink and you…

Zebra 4C Ink Refill Cartridge ("D1")
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Pen Ink Refill Cartridges for Livescribe Symphony, Aegir, and Livescribe 3

When My Livescribe Symphony Ran Out Of Ink! So if you search for “Livescribe ink cartridge” or…

Covid-19 Corona Virus
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Problems With International Supply Due To Covid-19

Wow. Been a while since I’ve worked on and ordered a project. The supply chain of parts…

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CH340G + STM32 Dev Board Revisited…. V2

Overview In a previous post, I had shared some pics of the dev board I had been…