UV/LCD Resin 3D Printer Build

Build log for my UV/LCD Resin 3D Printer Build. Also published at https://hackaday.io/project/164300-my-uvlcd-resin-3d-printer-build

Aluminum Extrusion Frame For The win

With the exception of 3d printer kits I’ve bought, all of my DIY projects have employed aluminum extrusions. Specifically, t-slot aluminum extrusions sourced from Misumi USA. Misumi HFS-15 For Past Projects In previous projects, I used their HFS15, or their 15mm profile aluminum extrusion. Their 15mm profile aluminum extrusion is a great choice for small projects for a number of reasons: M3 bolt pairs well with it, M3 low profile square and hex nuts work well as t-slot nuts. The extrusion is VERY inexpensive. Misumi USA will cut the aluminum extrusion to length and will even handle drilling various holes as required. Misumi Series-5 20mm Profile Aluminum Extrusion It’s amazing what 5mm in each direction will do for the rigidity of the aluminum extrusion. In addition, with the…
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Starting Build of UV/LCD Resin 3D Printer

Wing's 3D Resin Printer Mockup

Starting Build of UV/LCD Resin 3D Printer Over the last few years, I’ve been assembling 3d printers, modding 3d printers, and then started designing and building my own 3d printers from scratch. These have all been FDM(Filament Deposition Modeling) printers. This build is my first resin printer. I had originally considered buying one from FormLabs or Monoprice, but thought it would be more fun to build my own from scratch. Common Design Traits of Liquid Resin Printers So design does not happen in a vacuum. I’ve looked at the designs of the various resin printers out there, and mechanically, they are significantly simpler than any FDM printer, in that there are quite a few less electro-mechanical moving parts, consisting mainly of a single axis of motion in the…
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