Privacy Policy

Who Is Wing Tech Corner

Welcome to Wing Tech Corner. This site is setup as my personal technology blogging, review, and publication site. I am using the WordPress platform as well as a variety of plugins which makes publishing easier.

Data privacy is important to me personally, professionally, and as a matter of what I consider to be crucial to a properly working Internet.

Most any site employing dynamic elements processed on the backend will result in some form of data collection. In order to minimize the amount of information unintentionally collected, I’ve leveraged a GDPR Cookie Consent plugin to allow for visitors to disable a variety of data collection cookies that might originate from this site, plugins employed on this site, advertisement, theme metrics, and/or social network related tracking cookies.

This shows up as a banner at the bottom of the page which allows you to dictate the level of potentially identifying cookie features you are willing to accept. Please note that disabling some might disable some features like social network based commenting or page sharing.

Tracking Policy

I have taken the approach of not tracking, in terms of publishing this website. I recognize that some tracking will happen as a matter of how the WordPress platform code works and how some of the session state is used for stateful features on the site. Please employ the GDPR cookie settings to minimize the amount of session information to a level that you require and/or employ your “anonymous session” or “anonymizing” features and plugins for your browser.

We will not track you, though we cannot ensure that you won’t be tracked by third parties once you leave this website.

Data Retention Policy

As a matter of normal web server operation, certain pieces of information like source IP address, URL(s) accessed, referring URL/websites, web browser client model and version number, and operating system type and version may be logged. These logs are only ever stored on the server itself and potentially used for report generation and security checks. They are rolled off of the server on a daily basis and are not retained or backed up.

Visiting users seeking to publish a comment to the site would need to provide a name, email address, and the content of their comment. This will be retained to allow for the publication of the submitted comment.

Certain plugins, such as Gravatar, may require a specific user login on the part of the visiting user. Associative data to coordinate with Gravatar will be retained to ensure that proper assignment of ownership of comments is maintained, along with any image the user had submitted to represent themselves as their profile picture.

All Other Privacy And Data Retention Matters

For data use/retention and uniquely identifiable information, if there are any questions, please feel free submit your inquiry via the contact form and I will respond as soon as I can and as appropriate.