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Marie Kondo’ing The Ol’Tech Corner

Lots of ESP8266

Been doing some cleaning of the ol’Tech Corner this weekend. Been reading Marie Kondo’s books(The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for instance.) on tidying up. Anyone’s who’s gotten a good look at my tech corner can tell you it’s a bit like am old electronics shop. You know the one with the aisles and aisles of just “stuff” yeah. So while I can’t/won’t go and drag everything of one kind out… there are literally thousands of kinds of things in there… I did set a sort of cutoff based on my prevailing interests, recent frustrations, and just YOLO/TLDR; aspects of life. Smaller Than 1206? Out! Any part smaller than 1206 is out. 0805? nope. Out. Those tiny ant-like…
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Nano Pi M4 SBC Board Review : Part II

So this is a continuation of my first post, where I encountered a good deal of stability issues with the Nano Pi M4 boards I had acquired: https://wingtechcorner.com/2019/04/10/testing-out-some-friendlyelec-nano-pi-m4-boards/ New Setups & New Results So I changed up some things after employing a USB power meter to determine what the boards were pulling: Ensure that the AC->USB power adapter provided slightly more than 5.0V and provided a stable and solid 2A. The board pulls between 600-900mA at any given point in time… but I strongly suspect that there are periodic, brief transient, current spikes that exceeds the response speed of the power supply. Ensure that if I am doing anything more than just an idling OS install, I should have a small fan providing active air currents. Devices Tried:…
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Testing Out Some FriendlyElec Nano Pi M4 Boards (Part I)

Nano Pi M4 With Corsair AF120 fan on top of heatsinks Side View

What I’ve Been Using Previously So, I’ve been primarily using development boards produced by the folks at Raspberry Pi, big fan of their Pi 3B(s), though I bemoan their lack of support for USB3.0 🙁 I’ve also been using boards from the BeagleBone folks, primarily their Black boards. I like their high GPIO count as well as access to the two PRU sub-processors. Though I’m not a big fan of the alternate ASM needed for it and also… the lack of USB3.0 🙁 I realize that there is a Beaglebone X15 board, which DOES have the SuperSpeed USB3, but it’s a whole other kind of beast… more geared towards desktop computing or larger projects than the kind used by the smaller boards. It’s also quite a bit pricier….
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