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Aluminum Extrusion Frame For The win

With the exception of 3d printer kits I’ve bought, all of my DIY projects have employed aluminum extrusions. Specifically, t-slot aluminum extrusions sourced from Misumi USA. Misumi HFS-15 For Past Projects In previous projects, I used their HFS15, or their 15mm profile aluminum extrusion. Their 15mm profile aluminum extrusion is a great choice for small projects for a number of reasons: M3 bolt pairs well with it, M3 low profile square and hex nuts work well as t-slot nuts. The extrusion is VERY inexpensive. Misumi USA will cut the aluminum extrusion to length and will even handle drilling various holes as required. Misumi Series-5 20mm Profile Aluminum Extrusion It’s amazing what 5mm in each direction will do for the rigidity of the aluminum extrusion. In addition, with the…
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