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AVR ATmega328P Project Board – Part 3 – PCB Parts Fine Tuning Placement

Okay, quick followup post looking at the fine tuning the placement of parts on the 50x50mm PCB board. We continue where we left off last, in part 2. Time Table of Contents 00:00 – Intro 00:09 – Start adjusting placement of ICSP, Reset Switch, and LED 00:58 – Adjust ADC/I2C Header Placement 02:48 – Adjust GPIO Header Placement 03:29 – Adjust XTAL and capacitors 03:55 – Adjust decoupling capacitors 04:57 – Tweaking and adjusting of ICSP, Reset Button, and LED 05:45 – Fine tune placement of headers with Information tool 06:11 – Move ICSP and reset button away from edge of the board 06:55 – Adding copyright marking on the board 07:53 – More fine tuning placements with Information tool. 08:35 – Credits Roll

AVR ATMEGA328P Project Board – Part 2 – PCB Roughing

Welcome to part 2 of the series. In this video, we actually reference the building out of a blank 50x50mm rounded corner board with M3 hole mounts. Since I already had a video like that posted up, I didn’t want to use up too much time to duplicate content. Folks who want to check it out can do so. Rough Placement So the TLDR; of this video segment is that we place parts on the board roughly where we want them to be. Ie, We might want the MCU in the middle of the board so it’s easy to route to it from anywhere? We want the headers for Serial, I2C, GPIO, and ADC to be on the outer edge, where it will be easier to access. We…
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Creating M3 Mount Hole for Eagle Library

Welcome to Wing Tech Corner. I recently posted a video detailing how to create an M3 mounting hole component for the Eagle PCB Design software’s library. You can use the embedded video above to go check out the video, which demonstrates how to create the part from scratch. You can also check out the github repository, where the library and the part in question as well as any future parts, will be published/made available: Github Repository: https://github.com/WingTechCorner/Eagle-PCB-Project-Files/tree/master/LBR Let’s Create! So fire up your copy of Eagle PCB Design and in the main navigation window, head to the top and expand the “Library” folder. In there, you can create a new folder for your new library files or just store your library file in the Library folder. At the…
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Creating Quick and Easy Rounded Corners In Autodesk Eagle PCB Design

Been designing and building PCB(s) for projects I’ve been working on. I found that while the perfect right angle corners of a PCB board had a certain cache… I really liked the organic feel of rounded corner PCB(s). Youtube Video Demonstrating How To Create Rounded Corner PCB(s) in Eagle PCB Design The fastest way to do this is with the ARC tool in Eagle. However, in order for it to work, you need the end points of the ARC to match with another line/endpoint sufficiently closely for Eagle to recognize that they should be joined and for new segments to be created. The fastest way to do this is ensure that your endpoints all end up on the same aligned grid by using Eagle’s Grid Size feature. Steps…
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