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Nano Pi M4 SBC Board Review : Part II

So this is a continuation of my first post, where I encountered a good deal of stability issues with the Nano Pi M4 boards I had acquired: https://wingtechcorner.com/2019/04/10/testing-out-some-friendlyelec-nano-pi-m4-boards/ New Setups & New Results So I changed up some things after employing a USB power meter to determine what the boards were pulling: Ensure that the AC->USB power adapter provided slightly more than 5.0V and provided a stable and solid 2A. The board pulls between 600-900mA at any given point in time… but I strongly suspect that there are periodic, brief transient, current spikes that exceeds the response speed of the power supply. Ensure that if I am doing anything more than just an idling OS install, I should have a small fan providing active air currents. Devices Tried:…
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